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SaasyCloud's Turnkey Application Management offerings. Unbeatable value. One monthly price.

Introducing SaasyPortal

A collaborative communications hub and Customer Portal with fully integrated video conferencing.

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Core Features

Video Conferencing

Fully featured, secure video conferencing with direct integration into scheduling, group sessions and online booking. No more need for an external video app!


  • Breakout rooms
  • Lobby
  • Screen sharing
  • Tile view
  • HD video with background effects
  • Fully secure
  • And more

A completely integrated scheduling system with personal calendars and public online booking. With SaasyPortal, managing your schedule and self-service clients is easy!


  • Multiple, color-coded calendars
  • Recurring events
  • Business hours
  • Self service booking
  • iCal support
  • Invite users or groups
  • Multi-time zone aware
  • And more
Scheduling & Booking
Content Management

Create your own content and posts directly in SaasyPortal with the flexibility to share all types of media whether pictures, articles or blog posts.


  • Blog posts and articles
  • Custom landing pages
  • News feed
  • Content for groups
  • Support for all media types
  • And more

Publish your resources and documents securely with public and private sharing options. Keep organized with easy to use tree views.


  • Non-document based resources also supported
  • Versioning
  • Fully permissioned hierarchical tree view
  • Upload multiple files
  • Organize with folders
  • Restrict and share
  • And more
Resource / Document Management
Group Management

Organize and run groups, with features such as messaging and group events and terms. Specify group details such as topics, visibility and more.


  • Create and manage groups
  • Create and manage group leaders
  • Assign moderators / delegation
  • Group events
  • Group terms
  • Group video & chat
  • And more

Message any of your users or groups at anytime using the global chat, integrated and accessible directly from the dashboard


  • Easy to use tabbed interface
  • Modeless floating window for easy access
  • Send media and attachments
  • Group chats
  • Manage contacts
  • Block users
  • And more
Single or Multitenancy

SaasyPortal is available with single or multi-tenant options. Each tenant can fully manage all aspects of the platform -users, groups, settings and branding - in a segregated, secure manner.


  • Tenant impersonation capabilities
  • Locking and unlocking
  • Control tenant features and settings
  • Full role based access management
  • Tenant edition management
  • And more

SaasyPortal comes with complete administrative control over users, tenants, settings, branding, and more.


  • User / Role management
  • Group management
  • Booking management
  • Extensive Permissions system
  • Custom fields / Data Picklists
  • Branding management
  • Tenant management
  • Global settings
  • Billing management
  • And more
Full Administration
Payment Processing and Invoicing

Handle all of your billing right through the portal using the most popular payment processors.


  • 2checkout
  • Moneris
  • Stripe
  • And more

About SaasyPortal

One Stop Shop
Comprehensive AND COMPLETE

Tired of having to use multiple programs to do what you need? That's a problem SaasyPortal aims to solve by combining the most common business features into one, easy to use platform.

SaasyPortal is accessible anywhere, on any device with a browser, with unlimited scale.

Complete Collaboration

All features in SaasyPortal are built to work seamlessly together. Schedule a video session for a group, simultaneously take notes, share resources or files, and manage content.

SaasyPortal provides a complete, online digital community platform.

Customize For Your Needs

All of the core features in SaasyPortal can be accessed through a flexible widget system on a fully customizable dashboard, including Video!

The dashboard can be split into multiple tabbed pages to best suit your workflow.

SaasyPortal provides full administrative control over your settings, branding and data.

Fully Hosted with Premium Support

Let SaasyCloud handle your IT. Delivered as a SaaS model, SaasyPortal offers flexible pricing plans with world class support, standard.

Contact us today for more information.

Extra Secure

With adherence to standards from OWASP, PCI, HIPAA and PIPEDIA we've got you covered in protecting your sensitive and mission critical data and privacy.

SaasyPortal also offers data-at-rest encryption for all data and FIDO2 (pass-wordless) token or bio-metric based login options.

Who is SaasyPortal for?

Associations & Agencies
  • Anyone Requiring Web-based Customer & Admin Portals
  • Provincial or State Municipalities w/Micro-sites
  • Utility Agencies
  • Licensing / Gaming Authorities
  • Advocacy Agencies
  • Certification Agencies
  • Policing Agencies
  • Law Practices
  • Realty Groups
  • Educational Institutions (Events)
  • Insurance Groups
  • Psychiatry & Psychology Practices
  • General & Specialist Medical Practices & Tele-Medicine
  • Professional Medical & Health Service Groups
  • Therapy Group Organizations
  • Life Coaches
  • Holistic Practices
  • Live, interactive classes

More Features

Host your own store with products and services available for purchase directly from the portal.
Construct your workflow on the dashboard to operate the way you work, using our widget system. All core features of SaasyPortal has a widget!
Easily link accounts and delegate permissions to other users on the system.
SaasyPortal provides granular permissions on users, roles, resources, features and the top level organization for complete control over security.
Complete, secure management of your sensitive client and patient information.
The flexible floating notes system allows contextual organization of note-taking globally, or per meeting sessions. Easily tag and search notes.
Get reminded of important events through real-time push notifications from the portal, email or SMS.
Customize the portal to match your own branding with custom logos and theme settings.
No matter where you are located, SaasyPortal is fully time zone aware.
Multiple language support is standard.
Designed from the ground up for all screen sizes to provide the best user experience (UX) possible, no matter your device format.
Manage your legal document requirements with SaasyPortal's digital signature workflow, all virtually!
Access all of you email accounts and contacts directly form the dashboard through native IMAP support.
Create complete, online e-Learning courses, directly accessible on the dashboard.
Integrate with your favorite online accounting system - QuickBooks, Sage and more!

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