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MyLivestock is here!

Good News! Phase I has been released

Phase II is coming Q2 2024!

Phase I of MyLivestock, a SaaS solution that will meet and exceed the Canadian Livestock Operator's requirements to comply with upcoming federal movement, animal health and humane transport regulations, has been released. Registration is free, with premium features at a low-cost annual subscription. Phase II will include non-market inspections, multi-species support with a specialty Horse and Prize animal modules.

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About MyLivestock

MyLivestock is a fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that will enable Livestock Transporters, Producers and Operators to electronically record, manage and report Livestock movement, animal health and humane transport records. Designed for single producers to large organizations alike, MyLivestock will streamline and automate all livestock (multi-species) reporting requirements, in real time, offering a high ROI.

Participating provincial jurisdictions will offer an electronic manifest, which will seamlessly integrate both provincial and federal regulations in one form!

As with all our other products and services, MyLivestock comes with world class service and support.